Everything in life is a choice including fashion. We choose clothes to protect, represent and connect ourselves to the environment we live in. Our choices of fashion echo throughout our life and into history... and on and on into eternity... like the way the tide comes ashore.


Ashore is created by international award winning designer/artist Shor Gao. Shor graduated from Fashion Institute Technology and had worked for Ralph Lauren as Senior Designer and Artist. Ashore was founded in 2015,  It is a brand for the ADVENTURE and RECREATION lifestyle. Partner with top manufacturers around the world, Ashore brings the original design to the globe market.


The goal of the brand is to help to reach the"best-of-ourselves". The combination of Art,Design and Technology is the main theme of Ashore's fashion product line.


For the Fall/Winter 2016 outerwear line, Shor introduced waterproof sweater softshell fabric. It is a sweater fabric bonded with fleece with a membrane film inbetween the layers. This technology brings sweater fabric to a whole next level. That means the sweater can be waterproof and breathable. Ashore sweater softshell outerwear will keep you warm and comfortable for your adventure driven lifestyle.


Wear Ashore and you will feel luxury comfort while you are outdoors.


Ashore is designed for the Rhythm of life, it is the fashion to fit the perfect combination of activity and repose throughout the journey of our life.


                                Timeout Magazine Editor, NY 2016





FASHION FOR GLOBE SEASHORE TRAVELERS ADVENTURE AND RECREATION LIFESTYLE -Smart and Chic Items to Enjoy ASHORE. Ashore is a Recreation Fashion Brand Inspired by the Shore Beauty -Comfortable in a Hip Way.


ASHORE Design and Stock the Very Best Items including Mens and Womens Shirt, Blouses, Dresses, Shoes, Swimwear, Outerwear and Recreation Active Sportswear.


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